Welcome Ashley Williams and Feross Aboukhadijeh to the Node.js Foundation’s Board of Directors!

We want to congratulate Ashley Williams and Feross Aboukhadijeh for becoming Individual Membership Board Directors to the Node.js Foundation. The new Individual Membership Directors will sit on the current Board to approve and discuss administrative matters. This includes legal considerations, budgeting and approving Foundation-led conferences and other initiatives. As is the case with open source projects, technical governance is overseen by the TSC, not the Board of Directors.

The two newly appointed members of the Node.js Foundation Board will help to continue to address the many needs of the community, and are positioned as the community’s voice on the board — the Node.js community now sits at almost 3.5 million users.

Who Are You New Board Members?

Both of the new Board Members are very involved in the Node.js Community and are focused on better education in terms of documentation, tutorials and more.

Ashley is the founder of NodeTogether, has presented and taught at several schools and conferences around the world, and is actively involved in the Node.js Inclusivity Working Group. Her big goal for this year will be focused on new user experience and diversity. Fun fact: She was also a middle school teacher in Harlem for three years.

Feross is the author of several popular npm packages, including WebTorrent, standard, and simple-peer. He’s built companies with Node.js and frequently helps at NodeSchool events and co-founded a Stanford chapter. His big focus this year will be on education, community outreach, and helping module authors and maintainers who are so important to the health of the Node.js ecosystem.

How the Process of Election Works

Individual Members of the Node.js Foundation have the opportunity to sit on the Node.js Foundation Board. Last month, Individual Members nominated themselves to sit on the Board of Directors. A ballot was sent out to other Individual Members on January 20th and the elections were completed on January 30th.

Only Node.js’ Individual Members are allowed to vote for the Individual Membership Board Directors. Individual Members are comprised of Node.js Project Contributors (any member of the GitHub Org) as well as those that registered as Individual Members to the Node.js Foundation — more details on becoming an individual member here.

We want to thank those in the community that voted and also thank those that applied to sit on the Board of Directors.

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