Tracy Hinds Becomes Node.js Foundation’s Education Community Manager AND the Node.js Foundation is Hacky-Go-Lucky

We are excited to announce the appointment of Tracy Hinds, i.e. @HackyGoLucky, as our Education Community Manager! She will focus on training, onboarding, certification, events and other educational programs that happen ad hoc throughout the year and beyond.

Tracy has been involved in the community from early on and was a major player in helping to grow the Node.js community in Portland (Oregon) through meetups, an early NodeSchool, and NodeBots. She has organized or founded up to three conferences annually (CascadiaFest, EmpireJS, and EmpireNode) and is the founder and president of GatherScript, a non-profit that provides educational and financial advisement support for technical events.

As the Node.js platform continues to grow, the Foundation wants to provide educational resources to better accommodate new users to the platform. We also want to make sure that this growth is nurtured in an environment that welcomes as much developer diversity as possible. Tracy plans to partner closely with the Node.js Foundation Inclusivity Working Group and others to achieve this.

Increasingly, developers who come to Node.js have previous experience with many programming languages. They’ve gone through training and certification programs for other languages and have a certain level of expectations of what should be available to them. Tracy will be working with these types of developers, the Node.js Foundation and the Linux Foundation to make sure our programs meet everyone’s needs, whether experienced or new developers. She will also partner with the Node.js Working Groups to ensure the Node.js onboarding is more seamless moving forward.

Fun facts about Tracy: Her first public speaking engagement in technology was at NodePDX (a Node.js conference in Portland, OR). Her first public speaking experience ever was in her 9th grade English class. She had to write and deliver a speech that focused on persuasive writing. It was her first lesson in reaching out to those that disagreed with her and also broke her fear of public speaking.

Ever since this incident she has been very active with speaking and sharing her opinions (this is open source), and ever since NodePDX, she has been very active with Node.js. She’s excited to marry her experience as an engineer working for organizations like IBM and Urban Airship with her passion for Node.js and her involvement in community volunteering that she has built up through the years.

When Tracy is not thinking about Node.js, she’s exploring the world while examining interesting intersections between cooking, health, psychology, and technology. Follow her on Twitter and her blog HackyGoLucky.

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