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One of the worst nightmares for any organization are user experience bugs. Front-end operations are always the first line of defense when it comes to enabling a seamless user experience for a customer, however front-end deployments always require deployments from their own server-side services. If you are like Charlie Robbins, the Director of Engineering, UX Platform, at GoDaddy, and dealing with tons of deployments that touch different services and millions of customers, this can be a great challenge.

This year at Node Interactive North America, Charlie Robbins will make the case that front-end developers should handle deployments as a “npm publish” workflow through a system called Warehouse.

Charlie’s presentation will cover:

  • How to set up a successful serverless deployment system using “npm publish”
  • Warehouse and its associated challenges in Node.js for automating builds of front-end packages
  • Automating “npm install”
  • Distributed systems & microservices
  • Proxying npm requests & the npm wire API
  • Unsung features of npm: “npm dist-tag”

In addition to Charlie’s talk, we will also hear other serverless architecture presentations, including:

Don’t miss out on these awesome presentations at Node Interactive North America, taking place in Austin November 29-December 2. Register here today!

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