The Wonderful and Expanding World of Node.js and Robotics

NodeBots is a community of developers and makers that use JavaScript and Node.js to interface with different types of open source hardware and software involving mostly microcontrollers. The result is essentially the ability to program “things” with JavaScript and Node.js. You can create a necklace that flashes when you talk into it or a cat feeder or anything that your mind can imagine.

Now build me a feeder!

The NodeBots community has attracted experienced developers, but also non-programmers too. For example, Abhishek Singh, a New Yorker who is a self-taught programmers created a robot that responds entirely GIFs.

The Node.js Foundation sat down with Rachel White, a tech evangelist at Microsoft and a NodeBots community member, at Node.js Interactive Europe to get a bit more background on NodeBots; what inspires her to create robotics; and what folks are creating:

Of course, Node.js in IoT has expanded far beyond the maker camp and is increasingly popping up in commercial use cases. Samsung wrote their own JavaScript engine (JerryScript) for embedded devices that uses Node.js and most of its SmartThings; Skycatch, a company that builds commercial drone data solutions for construction, uses Node.js in their drones; then there’s Tessel, a robust IoT and robotics development platform that lets you leverage all the libraries of Node.js to create devices.

Node.js is increasingly becoming the developer’s application of choice for IoT because of Node.js’ ability to scale and handle petabytes of data and its vibrant package management ecosystem.

If you are interested in getting started with Node.js and robotics for commercial use or just for fun, we recommend checking out the following:

We’ll also be talking about this more at Node.js Interactive 2017 happening in Vancouver, Canada October 4–6. Register for the event here.

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