The Top Ten Reasons to Attend Node+JS Interactive (In Our Humble Opinion)

Node+JS Interactive is less than a month away, and we wanted to share our top picks for attending the event.

Friendly reminder: Ticket prices go up starting September 28. Be sure to register before then to save $200!

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  1. Real-world stories for real-world solutions: This is a true story of 50+ speakers, picked to present, share their knowledge work together….Find out what happens, when people from around the world… Really, though, the conference provides a place for you to learn how companies like Netflix, NPR, Disney, Walmart and more are using JavaScript technologies to solve businesses problems and create new opportunities for growth.
  2. Beautiful Vancouver, Canada: The setting for this event is out of this world gorgeous. The Vancouver Convention Centre, located downtown right on the water, is perfect for an early morning run, grabbing some delicious food, going for a scroll, or just quietly reflecting and taking in this beautiful view outside the conference center.
  3. The perfect amount of options: JavaScript is used throughout the IT stack, so we are offering plenty of different topics to fit your needs, including accessibility, application development and APIs, artificial intelligence and machine learning, community and developers, serverless, internationalization, IoT, performance, progressive web apps, security, standards, testing tools and infrastructure and more.
  4. Workshops, more workshops, everyone likes workshops: Along with the amazing keynotes, panels and sessions, we will have hands-on workshops that cover everything from building effective communication techniques in open source community environments to mastering serverless with JS architecture. View the full schedule of talks here.
  5. Node.js Community Corner: Do you want to start participating in the Node.js community? Get deeper involved? The Node.js Community corner is perfect for you. It will feature talks about what is happening within the Node.js Project through a series of talks on topics curated BY the Node.js community. The Node.js Community will also host a Code+Learn (currently booked, but waitlist available) and a Collaboration Summit after the conference.
  6. Career Development and Mentoring: If you are looking for guidance on how to build up your JavaScript skills, how to grow your career or even how to get more involved in the JavaScript ecosystem, we want to help. We’ll be hosting a speed networking and mentoring session and job fair. More on both of these activities here.
  7. Top Minds Under One Roof: This event is meant to unite the industry’s most respected domain experts and key maintainers behind the most popular and important JavaScript projects. They’ll share their first-hand insights on project roadmaps and what’s ahead. You’ll get a better understanding and be a step ahead other developers on what’s next and future new development trends.
  8. It Goes Beyond the Tech: We’ll be covering a lot of interesting tech talks during this conference, but also look at non-technical factors that impact our communities. We’ll examine things like onboarding processes, communication best practices, diversity and inclusivity across our projects, mentorship opportunities and more. We’ll look closely at the intention behind our work, what changes to make and actions to take to improve. We’ll get inspiration from from April Wensel on compassionate coding and Keerthana Krishnan on building websites for the invisible majority.
  9. Meet Your Peers!: One of the greatest things about any conference — especially an open source event — is the chance to meet folks that you work with online every day in-person.
  10. Make a Trip Out of It: Yes, Vancouver, BC is beautiful, we’ve covered this, but in order to make the trip easier for you, we are offering free child care. If you would like to make a trip with your family, we want to make it a little easier for you. A few fun things to do in Vancouver include: walking, jogging or riding a bike through Stanley Park; checking out some of the beautiful gardens like VanDusen Botanical Garden; or going whale watching. Vancouver is also one of North America’s top foodie cities.

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