The OpenJS Foundation is Official! Now What?

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It’s been several weeks since the official merge of the OpenJS Foundation and still so many moving pieces to work on and things to do. Since the merge, the OpenJS Foundation Bootstrap meeting has been the place to get info on what’s happening. To give an update for folks who have not a chance to spent time in the Bootstrap repo, or attend these meetings, we’ve outlined what’s been going on since the merger below and the best ways for you to stay updated.

OpenJS Foundation GitHub Org

We have moved the Bootstrap repo over to the new OpenJS Foundation GitHub Org at openjs-foundation/bootstrap. Please join this org and start watching/following issues there!

Monday Merge Meetings = Monday Bootstrap CPC Meetings

We’re keeping our Monday meeting time so we can continue working out issues during the transition. It is strongly recommended that those of you who are part of impact level projects — Dojo, jQuery, Appium, Node, or Webpack — attend these meetings. Of course, all are welcome but with the selection of voting representatives for CPC happening soon, it will be a good idea to join us if you are an impact project.

Preparing to onboard new and existing JS Foundation projects

One of the defining characteristics of the OpenJS Foundation is its ability to host and incubate a wide variety of projects. Some of these projects will be new to the foundation, and others will be merged in from the JS Foundation. To help project maintainers and participants understand the process of becoming an At-Large, Growth, or Impact project, we’ve created a checklist of house-keeping things to help get organized. This includes things like adopting a code of conduct, documenting project procedures, and consolidating information on project infrastructure. This list is in its early stages, and more details will be available once the CPC is fully bootstrapped and ready to receive new projects.

OpenJS Foundation Interim Leadership

The OpenJS Foundation held its first board in mid-March and confirmed Dave Methvin, Tracy Hinds, and Myles Borins as interim Community Directors. These roles will be filled by a vote of the CPC once it has its charter and Impact level project representatives in place, which we expect to have done by the collaborator summit in May. Also, once we’ve on-boarded all the member organizations into the OpenJS Foundation, the board will hold new director elections (again, that is expected to be done around the collaborator summit timeframe). Lastly, there will be an open call for candidates for the OpenJS Foundation executive director, and we hope to have that role filled in the next 8–10 weeks as well.

If you have questions please reach out to the OpenJS Foundation team at and stay updated on new developments and progress by watching Monday Bootstrap CPC Meetings.

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