OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council Meeting Scheduled for May 20th

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The OpenJS Foundation is excited to be having its inaugural Cross Project Council (CPC) meeting on May 20th at 2 pm ET.

As part of the new OpenJS Foundation’s bylaws, the Cross Project Council (CPC) has been chartered to serve as the primary governing body for programs and regular support of Foundation projects. For example, it will be responsible for things like infrastructure, travel assistance, Code of Conduct support, accepting new projects into the Foundation, and mentorship programs to name a few. It will also be responsible for electing representatives to the OpenJS Foundation board of directors.

Anyone who’d like to get involved is welcome to attend CPC meetings and volunteer to participate in tasks, actions, and efforts. The CPC will make decisions using a consensus-seeking model so while there may be a few areas where actual voting happens, the majority of the work will be decided by the people who are involved in the work whether they are elected “Voting Members” of the CPC or interested and engaged people from the community.

If you’d like more info/context on the governance of the OpenJS Foundation, please reach out to or follow this repo.

How is the CPC Organized?
With inclusivity and maximum opportunity for community participation in mind, the CPC has three types of participants: Observers, Regular Members, and Voting Members.

Observers are free to attend meetings and participate in the work of the CPC as well as the consensus-seeking process.

Regular members
Regular members have made a commitment to be involved in an ongoing manner and take on roles and responsibilities as outlined below. A Regular member is implied when a membership type is not specified. Anyone who has been a member of one of the projects under the OpenJS Foundation for at least three months may request to become a Regular member by opening a PR to add themselves to the list of regular members. Regular members remain for as long as they are active within the work of the CPC. Regular members who have not been active in GitHub, participated in meetings, or other work of the CPC for 3 months may be removed from the list of Regular members. In addition, a Regular CPC member can be removed by voluntary resignation, or by a standard CPC motion.

Voting members
Voting members are nominated in one of a few different ways before being ratified by the existing CPC Voting members. Each Impact project is entitled to nominate two representatives. Projects in the Growth and At-Large stage will be entitled to nominate two additional Voting members. Finally up to two Voting members may be nominated by a vote of the Regular members.

Initially, all nominated individuals from the Growth and At-Large group will become voting members, to help with the amount of work needed to bootstrap the organization. In future election cycles, there will be two representatives for Growth & At Large projects, per the charter.

Voting members are expected to make a time commitment which allows them to be responsive to CPC business, participate regularly in meetings and to participate in all voting matters (either by voting or specifically abstaining). They are also expected to enable and support Regular CPC members by providing leadership, interacting with the board and Foundation staff, and to generally help keep things moving. Voting members serve for a term of one year.

The CPC will meet regularly, with the public portion of CPC discussions and meetings open to all observers and members.

Our newly elected CPC Voting Member representatives are listed below:

Impact Project Representative Appointments

Growth & At Large Nominees

All are welcome to attend CPC meetings. If you are interested, please head over to on May 20 at 2 pm ET.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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