Only at Node.js Interactive: The State of Node.js from James Snell

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Attendees from Node.js Interactive 2015 in Portland, Ore.

Over the past few years, the Node.js project has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in its community with over 900 contributors, and 16 working groups, which encompass everything from Build to Documentation. Node.js Core has over has over 50 committers, and is continually growing due to its modern approach to open source.

Node.js has also made a lot of progress with its technology over the past year. It established a long-term support plan; improved reliability through broader test coverage and ecosystem testing; and greatly expanded the documentation process.

In his keynote at Node.js Interactive Europe, James Snell will discuss recent milestones and what’s in store for the future of the project. He will specifically discuss significant plans to improve both web standards and ECMAScript standards support in Core.

James was the release manager for Node.js v6 and is a member of the Node.js project’s Technical Steering Committee, which consists of key collaborators who have demonstrated both technical expertise to the ongoing maintenance and evolution of the project as well as long term commitment to driving the project and community forward.

James will also be part of an interactive panel to discuss best practices for contributing to the Node.js community. The panel will consist of active Core contributors as well as members from the community.

If you want to hear all about the future of Node.js, be sure to register today!

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