Only at Node.js Interactive: Portia Burton on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Node.js

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One’s experiences inform and influence one’s approach to work — this we know. And while the road to a successful JavaScript career may sometimes seem formulaic (earn a degree in and/or attend a code program), Portia Burton, and a growing number of other equally prominent Node.js community members, arrived via a road decidedly less travelled.

In Portia’s case, six years in China studying Mandarin preceded her discovery of software development, a love that led to her present position as a Web Developer with The Atlantic.

Dedicated to helping would-be developers easily get involved in open source (she is active with the Open Source Contributing Guide), Portia’s interests reach well beyond the front-end development work she pursues from 9–5.

At Node.js Interactive Europe, you’ll hear Portia share her passion for the intersecting realms of Node.js, Bitcoin and Blockchain.

As she began exploring the distinct, yet often conflated, topics of Bitcoin and Blockchain, Portia identified a gap for educational material and talks targeted to makers. As one whose love of JavaScript has been fueled by per passion to create, Portia’s talk will educate and bootstrap the JavaScript community to inspire them to create the next generation of blockchain tools.

Don’t miss out on this and other perspectives that you’ll only find at Node Interactive. Register today!

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