Only at Node.js Interactive: Philipp Burckhardt on Text Mining with Node.js

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Image from Node.js Interactive 2015 in Portland, OR

You don’t often hear the terms Node.js and analytics in the same phrase. Indeed, the single-threaded nature of Node.js often repels people interested in crunching data.

If you’re ready for a new perspective, then make your way to Node.js Interactive Europe to hear Philipp Burckhardt’s talk on Text Mining with Node.js.

In Philipp’s quest to make more and better platform-independent and browser-enabled statistical tools, he has become a major contributor to the Node.js JavaScript ecosystem. You’ll find more than 200 npm packages in the areas of numerical computing, statistical tools and text mining, among others, (co)-authored by Philipp. (NPM profile:

Philipp is pursuing a PhD in the joint Statistics & Public Policy program at Carnegie Mellon University. His research applies text mining and other advanced statistical techniques to help solve problems in the healthcare domain. He aims to provide healthcare professionals with the advanced tools they need to go from data to insight as quickly as possible.

Don’t miss out on this and other perspectives that you’ll only find at Node Interactive. Register today!

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