October Brings Node.js 10.x to LTS and Node.js 11 to Current!

  • Even numbered releases are LTS; they generally receive 30 months of support once they become LTS.
  • Odd numbered releases are current releases and are supported for six months.
  • Operations per second are nearly 2X higher in Node.js 10 vs Node.js 6;
  • Latency has decreased by 65% in Node.js 10 vs Node.js 6;
  • The footprint after load is 35% lower in Node.js 10 vs Node.js 6 for increased cold start performance.
  • Workers API: Every worker has its own event loop — similar to what folks experience in the browser; this can also lead to more detailed debugging of workers.
  • fs Promises API: This is a useful feature as it allows you to receive promises vs. callbacks.
  • Top-level await added in the REPL.
  • NodeChakra released with Time Travel Debugging.
  • AsyncIterators support on Node.js Readable Streams.
  • Interval timers will be rescheduled even if the previous interval threw an error;
  • and the build no longer supports FreeBSD 10.



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