Node.js Selected by Google for .dev Top Level Domain Early Access

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Back in November, the world received some exciting news from Google that the .dev top level domain would be available in February. Now that the day has come, and Google has rolled out this new option for developers, we are excited to be on the list of early access projects. You can now find Node.js guide content at You will still be able to find Node.js Foundation info as well as the full Node.js website at We are also featured as an early adopter in the “Share Your Project” category on Google’s .dev page along with other top tier developer tools and helpful resources, including GitHub, Women Who Code and Salesforce.

Google and Node.js share a long history, including Google’s participation as a Node.js Foundation Member, as well as Google’s V8 JavaScript engine powering Node.js.

Big thanks to the Node.js Website Redesign Working Group for getting this new site across the line! They’ve been hard at work to stand this site up, and will continue to iterate on the community website to bring additional content to

While being included as an early access organization is exciting for us all on its own, it’s also beneficial from a security standpoint, as .dev requires HTTPS support.

Since its start in 2009, Node.js has grown rapidly and transformed server-side development. It is used the world over by some of the most well-known brands including NASA, Netflix, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Twitter, PayPal, Walmart, Yahoo!, Fidelity Investments and more.

With more than 1.4 billion downloads, 1,690 meetups, 2,400 contributors, and over 58,000 stars on GitHub, Node.js continues to thrive. We are excited to be included in this .dev rollout thanks to the instrumental contributions from our developer community. Our new .dev TLD is a perfect fit. It’s an exciting time to be working on this project and there are so many ways to get engaged with the work happening. If you are interested in getting involved in a new working group, or joining a community meeting to learn what’s new, the community would welcome your participation. Check out the Node.js GitHub Repo or get more info here.

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