Node.js Live Series Events for 2016
First Stop: Los Angeles, CA

If you haven’t heard the news yet, we’ve developed a new event series this year called Node.js Live (#NodeLive). This series is designed to bring Node.js knowledge and best-practices to enterprise and independent developers around the world. Node.js and JavaScript experts will present interesting case studies and be available to answer questions attendees may have.

Our first event will be hosted in partnership with JS.LA in LA on February 25, 2015. The event will take place at ArcLight Cinemas starting at 6pm. Speakers include:

  • Mikeal Rogers (@Mikeal), Community Manager of the Node.js Foundation. Mikeal will discuss what the Node.js Foundation has been up to recently and plans for 2016.
  • Justin Meyer (@justinbmeyer), CEO of Bitovi and lead author of DoneJS and a core contributor to CanJS and StealJS. Justin will cover the recently released DoneJS framework.
  • Andrew Hao, Software Developer at Carbon Five. Andrew will discuss functional reactive programming and how it’s awesome while diluting all the jargon that surrounds the subject to make it seem confusing.

You can register for the event here.

We will also be holding Node.js Live events in:

  • Bangalore, India — March
  • Paris, France — April
  • Beijing, China — May
  • Chicago, IL, USA — June
  • London, UK — July
  • Boston, MA, USA — August
  • Washington, D.C, USA — October
  • Seoul, South Korea — November

We are also excited to announce that we’ll be traveling the world with NodeTogether. NodeTogether is an initiative to improve the diversity of the Node community by bringing people of underrepresented groups together to learn Node.js. More on becoming a student, mentor or sponsor can be found here.

If you are interested in keeping up with the exact time, location and content for these events, please follow our Node.js Live site. We are looking for speakers for many of the locations, read here to learn about how to submit a talk to one of these events.

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