Node.js Foundation welcomes Google as Platinum Member

Today at Node.js Interactive, Google announced it is furthering its commitment to the Node.js Foundation by becoming a Platinum Member. Google joins Platinum members IBM, Intel, Joyent, Microsoft and Red Hat to provide support in the adoption, development and long-term success of the Node.js project.

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Node.js relies on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. In recent years, the V8 and Node.js communities have worked together to ensure that Node.js is a first-class citizen on V8, with no commit landing if it breaks Node.js. With V8 at the core of Node.js, we’re incredibly excited to see Google increase their support for the project and community.

As part of its membership, Sarah Novotny, Head of Open Source Strategy for Google Cloud Platform, joins the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Sarah has a long history as an open source champion, having worked in the past with the NGINX and MySQL communities and more recently, she has driven the evolution of Kubernetes from a Company-led project to a Community-led project. She was also part of the formation of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Node.js is a staple in nearly every developer’s toolkit and continues to grow with the rise of serverless and container-based architectures. As an example, Google Cloud Functions supports Node.js as its first language. Increasingly developers are running Node.js on the Google Cloud Platform to build out web-scale applications and modern applications in robotics, AI and more.

“As a Platinum member, the Google team plans to continue to invest our time and expertise to ensure that the Node.js Foundation has the resources they need to succeed. Node.js not only helps power some of our services, it is also a project which is becoming ever more popular with microservice-based and serverless architectures.” — Sarah Novotny, Google

Every day there are more than 8.8 million Node.js instances online, and the user base has doubled year over year. Google’s membership support will help the Foundation provide the services, programs and education users are asking for to succeed with Node.js. We welcome Google’s growing commitment to the project and look forward to working with them to bring on the next 8 million users.

Node.js is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform.

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