Node.js Foundation Update, June 2018

This post is from Todd Moore, chairperson of the Node.js Foundation and Vice President of Open Technology at IBM. Every month Node.js Foundation provides major updates from the most recent foundation board meeting.

The Node.js Board of Directors met in a private meeting on June 25 via conference call. At this meeting, Mark Hinkle, executive director of Node.js Foundation, announced his resignation. We appreciate everything Mark has done in the past year to help support the foundation’s mission to advance and fortify Node.js adoption and development. Mark’s initial order of business is to take a long road trip with his new dog, Woodford. We wish him well. “Thank you!” from the Board and the members of the Node.js Foundation team.

With Mark’s departure, The Linux Foundation team will help lead Node.js Foundation as we look for a new executive director. In the interim, Mike Dolan from The Linux Foundation will help coordinate with the rest of the team working on the project. They’ll help us advance our priorities to grow Node.js on all fronts, from community education and ecosystem development to future releases and market adoption. Of course, The Linux Foundation team and Kris Borchers from JS Foundation will also focus on ensuring JS Interactive, taking place October 10–12 in Vancouver, Canada, is a success.

Additionally, Node.js leaders recently recommended converting the single Individual Membership director seat currently held by Ashley Williams to a Community Committee Director seat. Tracy Hinds was elected by the Community Committee to this position and will now serve on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors for one year. Thanks also to Ashley for her service to the Foundation Board and her commitment to Node.js.

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Node.js is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform.

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