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With so much going on in the Node.js community and with the Node.js Foundation, we wanted to take a moment to remind the community who from the Linux Foundation does what in support of the Node.js Foundation. Please find the update below:

Mike Dolan, Acting Executive Director (GitHub: @mkdolan,, Twitter: @mdolan

Mike is the Interim Executive Director for the Node.js Foundation and VP of Strategic Programs supporting open source projects and legal programs at The Linux Foundation.

Kaitlyn Barnard, Node.js Foundation Marketing (GitHub: kbarnard10, Twitter: @kaitlyn_barnard)

Kaitlyn already curates content for the JS Foundation’s JS Devs Zone, monthly newsletter, and member engagement. She joined the Node.js Foundation team to take over the monthly newsletter, website updates. She will also work closely with Rachel Romoff on content marketing.

Amanda Ennis, Node.js Foundation Social Media (GitHub:OfficialLinuxAmanda,, Twitter: @Linux_Amanda )

Amanda has more than 6 years of experience working with social media both paid and organic. Amanda will be working on social media and collaborating with the marketing team and Node.js community on content.

Rachel Romoff, Node.js Foundation Public Relations (Github: @Rromoff,, Twitter: @rachelromoff)

As PR manager at Node.js Foundation, Rachel will continue to build and execute communications programs, including speaking opportunities, media relations and content curation through the Node.js Foundation Blog and Node.js Collection. She is a core part of the Node.js social media and digital marketing team.

Brian Warner, Node.js Foundation Operations (GitHub: brianwarner,, Twitter: @realbrianwarner)

Brian is responsible for ongoing operations. This includes both day-to-day operations and ensuring that logistical aspects of both JSF and Node.js Foundation are prepared for a merger.

Sarah Conway (Github: @SarahKConway,, Twitter: @SarahKConway) continues as the senior marketing communications leader on Node.js Foundation coordinating the marketing strategy and execution, including support for the merger.

Tracy Lee (GitHub: @ladyleet,, Twitter: @ladyleet) continues to serve as our Node.js community management liaison, handling community event related logistics, travel fund coordination and swag related questions.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are excited about what 2019 has in store and what we’ll be sure to accomplish together. If ever in doubt on who to contact with a question, reach out to all of us by emailing

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