Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation Intent to Merge Update — November 2018

As many of you know, after two years of having two separate Foundations, the Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation boards recently met to discuss the benefits of merging into a single, combined organization. Following this meeting, both boards believe that one tightly integrated Foundation working toward common objectives will be able to provide the brightest future for Node.js and the wide range of JavaScript projects.

Among other things, a merger of the two organizations will help streamline the operational parts of running a foundation, ensuring we are all working towards complementary goals while minimizing redundancy. This will also provide an opportunity to improve member engagement, reducing confusion over which Foundation to join when potential members can benefit from both. By increasing collaboration across the JavaScript ecosystem and affiliated standard bodies, we can also more effectively create a single vibrant home for any project in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Currently, the boards are in what we call a “bootstrap” phase, where we are exploring all of the potential details that must be considered as part of a merger. A Joint Bootstrap Team was put in place to outline the potential organizational structure, governance policies, foundation expectations and leadership for a merged Foundation. It is important to note that no legal work to create a merged Foundation will begin until both boards are confident in the proposals.

We wish to be transparent through this process, because although we feel this will be a great benefit to both communities, it will also be a change. We have been recording our meetings and publishing notes, which can be found below. If you missed the town hall meeting at Node+JS Interactive and the conference calls to date, you can listen to them via:

The next conference call is tentatively scheduled for December 3 at 2 pm ET. You can join via Zoom here or listen on YouTube here. This is one chance of many to voice your hopes and opinions about a merger between the Node.js and JS communities. We will also be periodically posting information about these topics on the JS Foundation and Node.js Foundation blogs to ensure folks are informed of the progress and changes.

Reminder — the public intent to merge discussion are available on GitHub. If you have comments, you are welcome to participate and ask questions.

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