More Than A Billion Downloads of Node.js ๐ŸŽ‰

2 min readAug 20, 2018

The application platform known as Node.js surpassed one billion downloads and is now officially a part of the three comma club.

*Billion not trillion, but we are getting there!

Other members of the three comma club?

The numbers of downloads were pulled from:

Total: 1,024,716,169 downloads.

In the last few years, weโ€™ve seen incredible success with Node.js not just within backend development, but with cross-platform and desktop applications. The technology goes beyond simply an application platform but is used for rapid experimentation with corporate data, application modernization, and IoT solutions.

Companies often start small with Node.js but soon expand it to other areas of their development team as its versatility and standardization of JavaScript across the org provide a huge benefit. This has been the case with companies like PayPal and institutions like NASA.

Surrounding this incredible growth has been a growing community. Node.js has over 52,000 stars on GitHub, 23,200 commits, over 2,000 contributors and 503 releases. It has 12 working groups that work on everything from creating and determining benchmarking metrics with Node.js to redesigning the Node.js website.

If you are interested in getting more involved with the Node.jsโ€™ community or learning how you can better your skills in Node.js, follow the working group that most interests you on GitHub and attend their public meetings.

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