Learn Node.js and JavaScript Because It’s Just Plain Fun

“I love writing software in Node.js. I’ve had a thirty year career in software, and Node.js is the first time I really started having fun.”

-CJ Silverio, CTO of npm Inc.

npm, Inc. was an early member of the Node.js Foundation and hosts npm and the npm Registry. npm is often defined as a package manager for Node.js. In April of this year, npm users downloaded 5 billion packages in a week. On average there are over three billion downloads of npm packages per week.

npm CTO CJ Silverio explained how npm and Node.js work together in a recent video interview. In the video, which is part of our video series “How Companies Benefit from Node.js and the Node.js Foundation,” she discusses how the growth of Node.js and npm is synergistic as one usually comes with the other.

npm and Node.js go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Beyond discussing how npm and Node.js work together, CJ provides the reasons why she is so interested in working with JavaScript and Node.js, the community that surrounds both, and why she thinks you should get involved as well.

We will roll out more videos and stories in this series throughout the year. You can also check them out on the Node.js Foundation YouTube page here.

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