Keynotes for JS Interactive Focus on Compassionate Coding, the Future of IoT, and Tech Transformations at Scale

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Image from last year’s Node.js Interactive.

JS Interactive, happening October 10–12 in Vancouver, Canada, added several keynotes to its developer conference lineup today:

  • April Wensel, Founder of Compassionate Coding keynotes on how to bring ethics and emotional intelligence to the tech industry;
  • Corinne Warnshuis, Executive Director of Girl Develop It keynotes on how to advance your career in web technology, especially as a woman;
  • Rob Tiffany, Board Member of SmartCitiesWorld and Washington State Internet of Things Council, Podcaster for The Internet of Things and former CTO of Hitachi Lumada, keynotes on whether or not the web can save the internet of things;
  • Lightning talk with Alex Roytman, Founder and CEO of Profound Logic, on how to control the Tesla Model 3 with Node.js.

Additional keynotes focus on Node.js and JavaScript at scale:

  • Garth Henson, Staff Software Engineering at The Walt Disney Company, who will discuss the hurdles that JavaScript has overcome to reach its current level of enterprise adoption and how JavaScript architecture and tooling is used within The Walt Disney Company.
  • Alex Grigoryan, Head of Engineering for the Application Platform Team at Walmart Labs, who will discuss the various approaches Walmart Labs took in transforming its technology stack.

If you are looking to better understand how to build fast, scalable, network applications with JavaScript technologies and techniques, this is the conference for you. It is the premier vendor-neutral JavaScript conference that unites the leading developers, end users, technical experts, maintainers and vendors in the ecosystem to further the education and advancement of Node.js and JavaScript.

Keynotes, panels, workshops and sessions focus on topics like what’s new in Node.js Core, building screenless interfaces with Node.js, an introduction to web components and Polymer, and a new way to profile async activity in Node.js. See the full schedule here.

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