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We are really excited to host our first major event in Europe: Node.js Interactive taking place September 15–18 in Amsterdam. This year’s European event brings together more than 50+ sessions, tutorials and keynotes, catered to enterprise users, developers and community stakeholders alike. Our tracks will look at cloud and back end, machine learning/artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, security, performance and more.

Want to know more about our headline keynote speakers? Interested in a sneak peek of what Node.js Core members will be presenting? Are you an enterprise user wanting to know what best practices around tools, debugging, performance, security and reliability will be shared? Are there any can’t miss tracks and sessions for developers?

Be sure to mark your calendars for our upcoming Twitter chat on September 8th at 4pm CEST/3pm BST with Node.js Foundation’s Mikeal Rogers, community manager; Tracy Hinds, education community manager; Danese Cooper, chairperson of the board and also distinguished member of technical staff — open source at PayPal; and Todd Moore, vice president of open technology at IBM and a Node.js Foundation board member, so you can learn more about what to expect at Node.js Interactive Europe. Join the conversation by following the hashtag #NodeInteractive or via CrowdChat here.

The sole mission of the conference is to empower attendees to better understand current uses of Node.js, and also get a clear look at where the project is heading. It’s brought to you by the Node.js Foundation and the core developers and experts who are defining the future of Node.js.

If you have specific questions that you would like to ask, please add a comment. If you would like to participate in this, we encourage you to do so — below are the general questions that we’ll be asking. Please include the hashtag #NodeInteractive in your tweets and answer with A1), A2), etc.

With all Node.js Foundation events, including this online chat, we want to create a safe environment for all participants. Please see our code of conduct to understand what we are talking about here

Q1) Why do you think it’s important to attend/participate in #NodeInteractive?

Q2) What are you most excited for at #NodeInteractive?

Q3) What talks are you most excited to hear at #NodeInteractive?

Q4) What would you like people to get out of (or what are you hoping to get out of) #NodeInteractive?

Q5) I’m new to Node.js. Is there content and tracks for me? #NodeInteractive

Q6) Tell us a little bit more about the unconference happening Sept 17–18? Who should participate in this? #NodeInteractive

Q7) What makes Node.js Interactive different for other Node events? #NodeInteractive

Q8) Tell me more about the Code & Learn. What is that about #NodeInteractive

Never participated in a Twitter Chat before? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to get involved.

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