Introducing the Node.js Enterprise Focus Group

This blog was contributed by the Node.js User Feedback team.

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Introducing the Node Enterprise Focus Group

The Node.js ecosystem certainly owes much of its growth and success to the contributions of passionate individuals and their daily efforts.

While strong on its own, Node.js grows and becomes even more powerful with feedback from the people and companies that use the technology. Their contributions and input is crucial, which is why we formed the Enterprise Focus Group as a subgroup of the User Feedback Group.

The Enterprise Focus Group’s Goals — And How Your Business Can Help

The Node.js Enterprise Focus Group is designed for companies with a large technology footprint, defined here as 50+ projects, that are building on or using Node.js and its ecosystem.

The Enterprise Focus Group’s purpose is to gather feedback and insights on challenges faced by closed-source projects that use Node.js within the context of large businesses. These challenges might not be immediately visible to the open source community, but they have a domino effect on all users.

This feedback might delve into topics like:

  • The effects of change in the OSS domain to business operations
  • The cost of adoption vs. the total cost of ownership for Node.js application development
  • The capacity for Node.js to drive business revenue and curb cost burdens

Please keep in mind that for the purposes of this group, we’re only working with the Node.js project and directly connected projects, excluding third-party-developed frameworks, tools, and libraries. While feedback on those third-party solutions might be educational and useful, the goal of the Enterprise Focus Group is to provide feedback on Node.js projects and the projects that they directly influence.

Why Participate in the Enterprise Feedback Group?

Businesses that use and build on Node.js open source projects already benefit from individual user efforts and the strength of the project itself.

Contributions in every form, including the end user and business levels, will help Node.js as it grows, expands, and improves, helping companies gain even greater ROI from their already deep investment in the projects. If we maximize feedback, we can, in turn, maximize potential ROI.

Get Involved

Through initiatives like the newly announced Node.js Enterprise Focus Group and the package maintenance team, companies can collaborate with the community, evolve the open source ecosystem, and contribute to the future of software itself.

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