Intel Builds Better Node.js Performance Benchmarking Standards for Public and Private Clouds

“Node.js enables developers to bring innovation to market in a very fast way. You don’t have to spend months, you can have your app rolled out in a matter of days. Time to market is an unbeatable value proposition.”Monica Ene-Pietrosanu , Software Engineering Director with Intel

Intel is one of the original members of the Node.js Foundation, joining when the project launched in 2015. Even before the beginning of the Node.js Foundation, Intel actively contributed to the Node.js Project (Intel is the number two contributor to V8, just behind Google). In recent years, the team has expanded its contribution, especially in the areas related to performance benchmarking as Node.js becomes more common in the backend.

We interviewed Intel’s Monica Ene-Pietrosanu for our new video series on “How Companies Benefit from Node.js and the Node.js Foundation.” The title of the series should give you some indication of what we talked about.

Monica Ene-Pietrosanu is a Software Engineering Director with Intel, leading a team of performance engineers and compiler experts in optimizing runtimes for the most popular scripting languages used in data center and Cloud workloads. She’s been a software engineer for the last 20 years, and regularly speaks on many topics from leading software engineering teams to cloud and data center optimization to diversity in tech.

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In our interview with Monica, she provides the reasons why her team at Intel is contributing to Node.js, how the group plays an active role in the Node.js Foundation, and how all of this benefits Node.js developers.

Reference key to the efforts Intel is supporting within the Node.js community and more:

We will roll out more videos and stories in this series throughout the year. You can also check them out on the Node.js Foundation YouTube page here.

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