Google is All About Getting People on the Internet, and Node.js is Part of this Effort

2 min readJun 11, 2018

“Node.js is a real opportunity to make it easier for developers to build high-performance applications and get it running onto the web in a really scalable way to deliver value to end users.”

-Justin Beckwith, Lead Product Manager with Google

A couple of years ago, Justin Beckwith (who is a lead product manager at Google working on Cloud languages and runtimes) wanted to get Google more involved with Node.js. His first step in the process was getting Google to become a Node.js Foundation member. Flash forward to today and Google is a Platinum member of the Node.js Foundation and has a board seat filled by Sarah Novotny, Head of Open Source Strategy, GCP, Google.

Google has built a tighter relationship between the Node.js and the V8 JavaScript Engine (V8) communities and has several employees on the Node.js TSC.

Justin talking at Node.js Interactive, which is expanding this year with more content around the larger JavaScript ecosystem. This change brings a new name: JS Interactive,

As Justin discusses in the video below, Google is a web-first company with a key mission to get as many people on the Internet as possible. Node.js gives developers the opportunity to build high-performance applications and gets the applications running on the web in a really scalable way that delivers value to end users, which is one of the reasons why the investment in Node.js from Google is so important.

Justin also discusses work the V8 team has done that has improved Node.js applications and future opportunities that developers will experience as Node.js continues to grows beyond web applications into desktop, robotics and more.

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