Do you want to be involved in the Node.js Engineer Certification?

We are currently looking for volunteers that will help define the scope of what we’re testing a Node Engineer to be competent in for the Node.js Certification.

What’s the commitment?

We’ll do 6 workshop sessions (2–3 hours per session) with a distributed team of awesome folks.

The team will work with a psychometrician/facilitator who will lead the group along with the education community manager to establish the tasks within each domain a Node.js Certification candidate would be expected to perform after having worked approximately 1 year of professional full-time work as a Node.js Engineer.

Doesn’t sound like your cup of tea right now, but want to know what else is out there? Never fear! We will need other committee volunteers: Item Writers and Cert Advisory Board volunteers, but this is a little further out. We’ll file issues for these too, but feel free to express interest and get in contact with more info.

Items we will tackle in this working group:

  • Define Certification(s), the number of levels (parallel or sequential), titles, program goals. Thus far, the direction this is heading is one certification being offered for a Competent Node.js Engineer (approximate 1 year professional Node experience and being able to complete the series of tasks we create as the certification)
  • Define Scope Statement of Certification. This will be determined in our Job Task Analysis workshop. The JTA working group will attend these workshop sessions online and determine the basic underpinnings of what we think a Node Engineer needs to know in order to be considered competent.
  • Conduct Job Task Analysis (JTA) which is to define the Domains of work and corresponding Tasks within each domain a Certification Candidate should be able to perform (as mentioned above, happens in a workshop setting with the JTA committee/working group) Define the Exam Blueprint containing the specific exam Domains and Tasks and their relevant weight within the exam (Domains and Tasks will be open sourced. Blueprint will be secure and not public facing(for keeping exam valid as a testing mechanism), the scripting and test runner that verifies the correct/incorrect answers for the certification will also be open sourced).

I’m in! What’s next?

Please head to this GitHub post to ask any other questions that you may have and/or to contact

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