Discovering Your Local Node Meetups, Events, and Speakers

Your search for other developers writing Node in your city is over.

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Recently, we’ve started a community initiative to bring more visibility to the great things happening in your local Node communities. What does this mean? Below is a guide to finding the local meetups, events, and even the local speakers in your backyard.

The best part? You can list yourself and your local meetup or event so others can find you too!

Community Curated Speaker Lists and Meetup Lists

Here are the three community-curated lists for speakers, meetups, and events. Are we missing any? We welcome all PRs!

Meetups and events: Please note that you should have a Code of Conduct in place and visible on your meetup in order to be added.

Node Meetups —

Node Events —

Node Speakers —

* You can also find a Node Foundation curated list of Node speakers here

Here are a few highlights from each list (in no particular order)

Local Node Meetups

Local Node Events

Local Node Speakers

  • Lucas Santos — Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Mark Pieszak — Florida, United States
  • Manil Chowdhury — Vancouver, Canada

Get Involved

Can’t find a local Node meetup or event? Create one! There is nothing stopping you from building your own local community and having monthly meetups on Node.

No speakers in your area? It’s never a bad time to brush up on your speaking skills and try your hand at speaking at a local meetup.

Need swag or help? Check out this link to find out more!

Thanks to all our contributors and organizers for being part of the Node.js community!

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