Debug and Test with the Best at Node.js Interactive North America

As companies scale and build out Node.js applications (like Netflix, Uber and Capital One), it’s imperative they are able to solve problems quickly when they arise.

The goal of the Node.js Diagnostics Working Group is to ensure Node.js provides a set of comprehensive, documented, extensible diagnostic protocols, formats, and APIs to enable tool vendors to provide reliable diagnostic tools for Node.js. The works covers several domains including, Tracing, Profiling, Heap and Memory Analysis, and Step Debugging.

Debugging and testing will be a big focus at Node.js Interactive North America. Below is a little slice of debugging and tracing goodness that will be on display in Austin.

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*A full house for a debugging session at Node.js Interactive Europe.

Thomas Watson will cover Instrumentation and Node.js Diagnostics on Wednesday, November 30, from 10:50am — 11:10am. He will take us through the inner workings of the next-gen core tracing API’s being developed under the Node.js Diagnostics Working Group. We’ll learn more about the upcoming AsyncHooks API and how this can be used to build high-level instrumentation logic in production.

Thomas is the Node.js Lead at Opbeat, a JavaScript performance analysis and monitoring startup. He is also a core member of the Node.js Diagnostics Working Group.

We’ll also learn more about Full Stack Testing with Node.js from Stacy Kirk, the founder and CEO of Quality Works on Tuesday, November 29 from 2:50pm — 3:10pm.

Stacy will share mission-critical strategies around processes, tools, and modules used to develop a continuous, integrated, full stack test solution for your Node.js application from an enterprise perspective.

As the founder and CEO of Quality Works Consulting Group and, the company has quickly grown to become a global leader in DevOps best practices in Quality Assurance.

Lastly, we will hear from Josh Gavant on Node.js diagnostics and runtime on Wednesday, November 30, from 11:20am — 11:40am.

Josh is a lead technical project manager at Microsoft and will share information on the scope of the tools and capabilities that have been released in the past year for Debugging and Diagnosing Node.js. Josh aims to help us “debug debugging,” by sharing differences between old and new protocols and tips and occurrences to be aware of. The presentation should leave you better prepared to use new Node.js tools, and more equipped to address unexpected problems.

The best part about Node.js Interactive is how many real-time ideas and solutions come to light simply from the gathering of leading developers working with the code.

We hope you’ll come collaborate with the community and Node.js users by joining us on November 29- December 2 in Austin. Register here today!

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