Convince Your Boss to Send You to Node.js Interactive Europe

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Image of a few of the Node.js Foundation Board Members at Node.js Interactive 2015, which took place in Portland, OR.

Want to attend Node.js Interactive Europe in Amsterdam on September 15–16, 2016, but don’t know how to bring it up to your boss (the person with the money)? Like last year, we laid out a simple letter for you to explain why it is important. Feel free to use the full letter or pieces of it.

If you are interested in attending Node.js Interactive North America in Austin from November 29 — December 2, we’ll create another letter for you once the final agenda is released.

Dear {Boss Name},

I’d like to attend Node.js Interactive Europe 2016 taking place September 15–16, 2016, in Amsterdam. There are a lot of Node.js conferences during the year, but this is the premier conference put on by the Node.js Foundation. Vendor-neutral by design, it is focused on everything from fine-tuning my skills in Node.js to the future of the platform. Node.js has experienced tremendous growth in the last year and is now downloaded 4 million times per month. It is used on front-end, back-end and IoT projects making it the perfect platform for full stack development work.

The conference welcomes new and experienced developers as well as those interested in learning how to implement Node.js into their business, and everyone inbetween. The track(s) that will benefit our business the most include {Insert Most Appropriate Track: Cloud and Backend; DevOps; Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence; Node.js Core; Security; IoT}. Additional benefits of the conference include:

  • Node.js is a very diverse technology. It can be used to build robotics or mobile apps, and almost every single big named company is using it, including Netflix, IBM and SAP. If we decide to build out our product strategy or offering, it is likely that Node.js will be the technology that I use across the board.
  • There will be more than 50 sessions in the two day conference. These sessions include workshops, community and technical talks, and use cases that will inform the future development of Node.js and JavaScript.
  • The session will not only craft my skills with Node.js, but also help me learn how best to adopt the technology to our business for smoother transitions and a more united IT team.
  • Key session include: Slaying Monoliths with Docker and Node.js (A Netflix Original); From Pterodactyls and Cactus to Artificial Intelligence; Node.js on Hardware: Where We Are, Where We’re Going, and How We’ll Get There; Deploying Node.js applications using plain old Linux; Bitcoin, Blockchain and Node; Node.js and Containers go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. The full list of the program can be found here.
  • Node.js development is really siloed in different European markets. This will be a great opportunity for developers and community members to come together to learn more about what different regions are focusing for better collaboration.

The event costs $600.00 USD. This includes full access to all the events happening at Node.js Interactive. If we want to send ten or more employees, tickets are 20% off.

I would be happy to write a post-conference report and share with other members of the team on what I’ve learned and how we can implement Node.js as well as open source governing practices into our business strategy.


{Your Name}

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