Contributing Back to Node.js is the Most Important Area of Work for Microsoft

The most exciting thing to me about Node.js is its ubiquity. Node.js is in the initial stages of its uptick. There’s a long way to go and a long way to grow.”

- Gaurav Seth, Group Product Manager at Microsoft

Gaurav Seth is a group product manager at Microsoft and also Microsoft’s representative on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors. Gaurav’s group at Microsoft focuses on JavaScript technologies and developer experiences. Learning and contributing to the Node.js community has been a big benefit to Gaurav and his team.

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Image taken at Code + Learn, an event that helps people learn how to contribute to Node.js Core. The next Code + Learn will take place on October 12, 2018 after JS Interactive.

We interviewed Gaurav for our video series “How Companies Benefit from Node.js and the Node.js Foundation.” During the interview, Gaurav shares his perspective on how Microsoft benefits from being a part of the Node.js Foundation, the importance of working with the Node.js community, and why contributing back to the community is the most important area of work. He also provides examples of how Microsoft has upgraded Visual Studio and TypeScript based on feedback from JavaScript enterprise users.

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