11 Reasons to Attend Node.js Interactive North America

Node.js Interactive North America is approaching fast and takes place November 29-December 2 in Austin. This awesome event is a good balance of community, fun and serious shop talk. Below are the top 11 reasons why you should join us in Austin.

And if you need more than 11 reasons or just hate lists, then check out this video from Node.js Interactive Europe to see our best event highlights.

#1 Curated for developers by developers

#2 Connect with the community

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*Attendees from Node.js Interactive Europe, which took place in Amsterdam in September.

#3 Access to the experts

#4 All are welcome — it’s not just about the tech

#5 The future of Node.js and the larger ecosystem

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*Community Manager of the Node.js Foundation, Mikeal Rogers, provides an overview of how far Node.js has come and where it’s going during Node.js Interactive Europe in September 2016.

#6 In-depth technical workshops

#7 Exposure to new trends and innovations

#8 Party in Austin!

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Image of a bat from Pixabay.

#9 You’ll only have to pay for one ticket for the Thanksgiving Holiday

#10 Meet with people you’ve been collaborating with for years

#11 No Agenda

So what are you waiting for? Register today!!!

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